MSPs cannot operate simply as a supplier, they must function as an IT Partner. This is key to a longstanding successful client relationship and more importantly client retention.

Acting as an IT Partner and not a supplier goes beyond simply fixing IT Problems and delivering IT Projects.
MSPs must work with clients to ensure that the services they receive – from the MSP themselves and other vendors – is properly aligned with client’s business and is delivering the best value for their spend.

Are you doing all you can for your clients?

It is in the best interest of both the MSP and the Client when the MSP effectively functions as part of the client organisation – no different from a traditional inhouse IT Team. 
Helping to budget, forecast and manage all IT Costs, including your own and managing all IT vendors on behalf of your client allows your client to focus on their business and gives you the opportunity to both cement a longstanding relationship and create revenue opportunity.

 What is Client

White label  our solution to provide a concierge-style client service experience. Here are some of the features of our Client solution


We meet with your client monthly to review an agenda agreed with you.

The agenda can include the client’s IT Budget and Actual spend, IT Roadmap status, service reports – all the information to evidence the value you deliver to your client


In conjuction with you, we do a quaterly business review (QBR) with senior stakeholders at your client.

We work to an agenda set by you and use the review to showcase your value and uncover opportunities.


We work with both yourself and the customer to catalogue and curate a list of IT Suppliers and Vendors that fall outside the service you provide.

We then ensure that the Suppliers and Vendors on that list are delivering the best value to your client.


We build a comprehensive cost analysis of all Technical Infrastructure costs and produce a budget and forecast on the back of that cost.
We then track the actual costs against that budget and report back to you and your client as often or as little as you like.

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