Digital Transformation

56% of CEOs say digital transformation has increased profits.

Failure to embrace and leverage technology to transform their organisations left many organisations at the mercy of unscrupulous providers during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Leverage As.a.Service to deliver a digital transformation to your clients, helping them modernise and futureproof their infrastructure while making their businesses competitive and agile as well.

Our pillars of Digital Transformation

We see four key elements at the core of Digital Transformation. Our Digital Transformation strategies and designs are built around these elements.


Infrastructure must be secure. As cyber attacks become more frequent and sophisticated, we work with you and your clients to ensure their infrastructure is secure and that their staff possess the required cyber awareness.


High availability is at the forefront of our strategies and designs. We leverage cloud service to help deliver a level of availability that had previously been unavailable to businesses unless they made significantly large infrastructure investments. 


Mobility is a key requirement in the modern workplace and infrastructure design must ensure that key services are available anywhere, anytime with access being simple and uncomplicated while ensuring security and availability is not compromised.


As businesses grow, their infrastructure requirments change but this doesn’t mean major changes should take place at large cost.
We produce Digital Transformation strategies that deliver infrastructure that easily scales up (or down) with minimal invesement

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